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 This type of dancing is rather active and will keep you really energetic through the rest of the day it includes:
- samba 
- cha cha
- rumba
- paso double
- jive
Danced sometimes separately and sometimes holding partner’s hand, with possible lifts in rumba for more advanced students.
For those students who are not familiar with any of these dances and so don’t really know what to choose - there will be an introductory class about each of them, you will be taught how to listen and count the music, steps which after some time will create a routine that you will be dancing.
By learning this style you will not only get fitter and start feeling better but also this is a great opportunity to learn something new that you can use in numerous latin American and salsa clubs dancing socially.

For those who are more of a competitive kind there are many competitions where you could show what you have accomplished and be able to compete against another students and of course win a trophy  

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